Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to pay to sign up?
To sign up is free. We pay you for minutes delivered to the numbers allocated to you but you will never have to pay us. A tip for you is that no international premium rate numbers provider should charge you to open an account.
How can I register for your IPRN services?
Anyone who wants to be our IPRN or SMS customer can easy subscribe and start to use our international voice billing platform in one easy step. You need to fill the New Customer Form or contact us on info@svmtelecom.com. After receiving an e-mail form us with your login details, your account is ready to be used.
How long does it take to set up an IPRN account?
Your premium rate number account set up normally takes around 15 minutes after we receive the form. Please allow an hour or 2 during weekends.
Who can register for your premium rate number servces?
We welcome anybody who can generate traffic (calls) to premium numbers to sign up. We welcome all customers from any country to become our partners.
How are the calls delivered?
The premium rate number calls can terminate on our online portal with our IVR or an IVR you provide us to terminate the call on. We also have the capability to terminate the call on your portal if you have one by routing the calls to your IP address.
What are international premium rate numbers?
International premium numbers are used to run a variety of services such as live chat, recorded chat, dating services, informational, educational and conferencing services. The premium numbers work by paying a rate for every minute of traffic that is received to them.
What does the PREFIX in front of every destination mean?
This is the country code of the number. For example UK is +44, Spain is +34, Italy is +39, etc.
How many destinations can I use?
As many as you want. We do not limit our customers to any maximum number of destinations or numbers. As long as you have traffic you can terminate it to as many numbers as you want.
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